How can I change between full and basic yahoo mail versions?

Yahoo being the most popular email service has its own points for being the choice of the users the email service setup comes with a lot of features in store for the users, but keeping in mind the ease of the users’ Yahoo has come up with two different versions one is completely loaded with the latest features and many more advanced technicalities and yes this is the version that is recommended by yahoo because of all the advancement and latest features and techniques that it offers to the users.

The features that are offered by the full version of yahoo mail account are as follows:

• Messages organized as per conversations.
• Customized themes.
• One can see images attached in the form of a slide view format.
• Inline image attachments.

But for those who are not very much well versed with the techniques ad features and with all the advancement that is associated with it they can still use the basic version of the yahoo mail also there are some minimum system requirements for using the full advanced version of yahoo mail if the system doesn’t fulfill them then still it is needed that the user uses the basic version of the mail service.

Here, with the help of the experts at yahoo mail UK we will see the process through which one can easily switch from full to the basic version of yahoo mail.

 How can I change between full and basic yahoo mail versions?

In order to switch to the basic yahoo mail version it is advised that the user follows the given steps:

• Log in yahoo mail.
• Click on the gear icon in order to open the settings menu.
• Then as the settings dialog box appears the user should click the option “viewing mail.”
• Then in the viewing mail screen, the user should go to the version section and should there click on “Basic.”
• Further, click the option “save” located in the lower-left side of the settings dialog box.
• The yahoo mail will then refresh and will start displaying the basic version.

Now if in case the user wants to switch from the basic version of the mail service to the advanced full-featured version then for that the user should follow below given steps:

• First of all the minimum system requirements should be checked.
• Then the user should log in to the yahoo account.
• Then on the basic yahoo mail screen, the user should click the yahoo mail link given at the upper right side.

Note:Switching between the mail versions not at all effects the email messages sent and received from the yahoo mail service.

A version selected once from the settings will automatically open on whichever browser or system the user would log in the yahoo account there is no need of switching between the versions even if the user is logging in the account on some other browser instead of the default one or even if the user is logging in to some other computer that does not belong to him or her.

We have discussed all the details regarding the change of the yahoo mail version, but still, if the user gets stuck into any sort of problem during the process then the user should reach out to the technical team for help at yahoo contact number UK. Lines are open all the time also the user can ask help regarding some other yahoo related problem as well if in case any such need arises, the technicians are well versed in handling all the possible yahoo mail issues and errors.

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Guidance For Migrating Yahoo Mails To Office 365:

Yahoo has been a popular mail service running in the market for a long time but the mail service is now seen lacking behind in some aspects as other email services are coming up in the light. The yahoo email service is still very easy to use and is still preferred by many for the exchange of emails, but still, a major population of the yahoo mail users is looking for an alternative and this is so because the other mail services are known for getting themselves updated regularly on the other yahoo is also getting advanced but at a slow pace and that often gets the users irritated.

If in case, you are also looking for a migration from yahoo mails then the best-suggested option is office 365, here in this guide provided by yahoo mail service we will see the procedure that is to be followed for completion of the migration process.

Guidance for migrating yahoo mails to office 365:

First of all, let us take a look at the noted features of office 365 that make it the best option for migration:

  • Office 365 offers various plans to the users to choose from as per their own flexibility, to be precise there are reasonable plans for both the business needs as well as individual needs.
  • Office 365 is not just about emails it also provides the users with other applications of Microsoft such as excel, word, PowerPoint, etc.
  • The users who use office 365 are provided with all the advanced and updated security features by Microsoft.

Now that we know that there is no other migration option other than office 365 for the yahoo users and also we have discussed above all the features of office 365 that make it the best so now we would move to the process that should be followed by the yahoo users for the conduct of the process in an easy stepwise manner.

The steps to be followed for easy migration of yahoo mails to office 365 are as follows:

  • The user should first of all go into the security settings of yahoo and should make necessary changes there in order to allow its access to office 365.
  • The yahoo account should then be added manually to Outlook and also the server should be configured.
  • Conduct a setup of POP IMAP settings.
  • Authenticate the POP and IMAP server settings.
  • Once all the configurations are done the user should then restart the application and check if the yahoo mails are visible in office 365.

Once, the migration process completes after that it is also important for the users to get the files transferred to office 365 from yahoo. The import from yahoo to office 365 can also be done successfully after converting those files into PST format for doing that there are two different procedures available the user can choose any one as per convenience.

First of all, let us discuss the steps that should be followed for automatic transfer of files from yahoo mail to office 365:

  • On the computer, the user should open yahoo backup and should further enter all the information in the fields that is needed.
  • Then as the “select Email format” appears there the user should choose PST.
  • Further, the user should select a location the user can also get a folder created if the need arises.
  • The user can also choose the “delete after download” option if needed.
  • The conversion process will then start and after some time a completion message will be seen on the screen.

Once the file conversion procedure completes the user should then move to the import procedure to be followed for importing the files to office 365:

  • Open the application on the computer and then click on login.
  • Then in the fields that appear the user should enter all the information that is needed.
  • Choose the option office 365 restore and click “next” button.
  • Search for the file open it and further click “restore.”
  • Click on the “start” button in order to start the procedure after some time the successful completion message will appear on the screen.

Other than the automatic transfer of files from yahoo mails to office 365 the user can also use the manual method for doing it the user will have to send all the files and data stored in yahoo one after the other to the office 365 this process is tedious and very much time consuming, therefore, it is not recommended over the automatic procedure.

The content given here contains all the details associated with the process of migration from yahoo mails to office 365 in depth. The user will not be facing any further problems but still if some issue comes up or if the user feels confused then in that case the last and the best option for the user is to get in touch with the team of trained and certified yahoo experts they are available at the yahoo contact number. There is no such issue that cannot be resolved by the experts’ lines are open for the convenience of the users 24*7 the technical team can also be reached for help through emails or live chats.

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How Can I Open Yahoo Mail Through POP3 Or IMAP In Outlook?

Yahoo is an easy to use mail service that has helped with the exchange of emails and has also made communicating easy for its users with the help of many other advanced and updated features associated with the setup. The users of yahoo mail can also take advantage of instant chat through the yahoo messenger. The user can send and receive messages instantly through the application.

But even after being so much advanced and updated the mail service was somewhere lacking behind its competitors as they were also offering the POP3 and IMAP settings to the users. Using the POP3 or IMAP settings the user can use and manage email through any client of choice. Seeing this move of the competitors’ yahoo toll- free service also introduced the same settings to keep a hold on the users of yahoo.

How can I open yahoo mail through POP3 or IMAP in Outlook?

But as the yahoo mail service is already very much advanced and it works on the latest techniques therefore, it often becomes tricky for the users to set up the mail service with POP3 or IMAP.

Here in this guide, the users will be helped for learning the setup of yahoo mail with POP3 or IMAP in Outlook.

For easy setup of the mail service with POP3 and IMAP in outlook the user should follow the below-given procedure:

  • Open Outlook and click on “file.”
  • Click the “add account” button.
  • On the next screen manually enter all the settings for that click on “manual setup or additional server types.”
  • Then on the next screen click on POP or IMAP as per preference and then click on “next.”
  • On the next screen carefully enter all the server and the login related information manually.
  • Under the login information, the user is advised to enter the full yahoo email address along with the password.
  • Check the login using the secure password authentication box.
  • Click the more settings button.
  • Make changes in the outgoing server, the outgoing server authentication box should be check marked.
  • Further, click on the advanced tab there change the IMAP port and also the SMTP port.
  • Then, choose the SSL for the type of encrypted connection.
  • As you will click “ok” outlook will then start an email test.
  • The correct configuration of everything would show green checkmarks.
  • Once the email test will complete a confirmation window will then appear.
  • Then as you will click the send/receive tab all the emails will start loading in outlook.

This is how it is done on Outlook and after this, it will be synced on all the devices automatically if you will be using IMAP. The same procedure is to be followed for setting upon other email clients but if by any chance you get to face any problem with the conduct of the procedure then, in that case, it is advised that the user gets connected with the experts at yahoo number UK.

The experts are available there for help and support all the time also there is no such issue associated with the yahoo mail setup that cannot be resolved by them. They know it all from A to Z as they are provided with the best training for yahoo by the leading technical institutes also most of the technicians hold a good amount of experience in the field of techniques. Also, the technicians are easy to contact as they are available for help 24*7 and can be contacted through any mode of communication whichever suits the user either live chat, emails or phone calls, therefore, it becomes even more convenient for the users to connect with the experts anytime from anywhere as per their own comfort.

Note: If two-factor verification is enabled on the yahoo mail account the user will have to create an application password ad the yahoo email password will not work for the access of the account in that case.

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What is the process to archive yahoo mail to hard drive/ Flash drive/external drive?

Yahoo email is a popular service that allows its users to exchange emails and messages among themselves the service is known in the mail service market for the advanced and the latest features and setup that it offers to the users. These advanced and updated features include attractive themes for the inbox, calendars, easy access to all the sent and received documents, files, and photos, etc.

Just like all these features given above, there is one more very useful feature for the yahoo users that is an archive, archiving the emails helps the user by removing the emails from the server of the mail service so that more space gets created automatically for new emails to arrive on the server the emails after getting removed from the server will be saved at a convenient location on the computer. But the process of archiving yahoo mails often appears tricky to the users so here with the help of yahoo mail service we will see everything associated with the process of archiving starting from its benefits going up to all the methods that should be followed for the conduct of the process.

What is the process to archive yahoo mail to hard drive/ Flash drive/external drive?

Benefits of yahoo mail archiving:

• Archiving email helps the users in the times when there is an overflow of the emails on the yahoo mail server as archiving provides more space for the newly arriving emails.
• This feature also proves of help when the yahoo email account gets hacked as through this feature being enabled the user will still be able to get easy access to the lost email data as all of it will be backed up somewhere on the computer.
• It also helps if the user faces any other problem while trying to access emails through yahoo mail server due to any technical issue.

There are two procedures through which the user can easily archive yahoo mail to hard drive/Flash drive/external drive. First is the manual method and the other procedure that can be done is creating a backup using the yahoo Email backup software. Here we will discuss both the procedures stepwise in detail for the convenience of the yahoo mail users.

Manual archive yahoo mail method-

• Copy all the Emails from the yahoo inbox and paste them on the word document.
• The user can also save all the Emails one by one on a local drive.
• The user can easily access yahoo mail on some other email client through POP/IMAP settings.
• One can also forward emails to other account through a different email ID.

But the manual back up method comes with its own limitations those are as follows:

• It would become time-consuming for the user in case of bulk emails to create back up for one email at a time.
• Sending Emails to another account would demand the handling of both the accounts at the same time.
• In order to access yahoo email in some other email client, the user will first have to set up the POP and IMAP settings.

As the manual yahoo mail archive procedure has some of its own limitations, therefore, it is strongly recommended to the users to go for the yahoo Email backup software as this comes with no limitations and also is far easier to use then to conduct a manual backup procedure. The user will just have to download the software from the yahoo official website once the software will be downloaded it will automatically connect with the yahoo mail account of the user and will start creating a backup for the emails.

The yahoo Email backup software also has its own set of advantages that further, makes it a must prefer option for the users:

• The software supports the backup of files in more than 10 different formats.
• It becomes easy to maintain all the folders and subfolders.
• One can choose and migrate folders accordingly.
• Latest Email filter.
• Easy migration from yahoo to Gmail.
• The software is well compatible with all the Windows operating systems.

If you still face any problem while conducting archive on the yahoo mail then in that case, it is advisable to go to the yahoo technical experts for further help and assistance they are available at yahoo mail help number UK.

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Yahoo Mail Issues: The Best And Quick Solution

You have must have important things to do in your Yahoo account, so let’s get you back in! After you regain access to your account, consider switching to Yahoo Account Key to avoid sign-in issues completely. It is free, safe, and more secure, you will never have to remember a password again. Yahoo mail platform is famous among the users for sending and receiving the emails. The simplicity of the platform and the outstanding features to provide to its users, all contribute and make it one of the best among the other email. Despite the different benefits that the Yahoo platform provides to its users, there are still some cases where the users have to face some email error messages.

Yahoo Mail Issues: The best and quick solution

For general and common issues that occur in the Yahoo account and you can try and make some possible changes in the settings of the Yahoo account while for the complicated Yahoo mail errors and you can always get connected with the Yahoo support team at Yahoo Help by Customer Carefor instant help. Let’s have a look at some of the possible Yahoo Mail errors and their possible resolutions which can be tired in an effective and simple manner.

To run a scan for your Yahoo mail account, you can follow these following steps:

  • Firstly, click on the Quick Fix Tool and open the tool
  • Choose the problem that you are facing
  • Enter an alternate email address to receive the response and feedback. This email address should be various than the one for which you are running the Quick Fix Tool
  • Enter the verification code to create the request for scanning
  • After entering the code, just click on the “Create request” option to create a request to scan a certain Yahoo Mail account

These steps offer you with the desired solution for the issues which you might face with the general expected performance of Yahoo Mail account

The Resolution For Yahoo Temporary Errors:

The temporary errors which you experience with the Yahoo account might initially be the temporary reason for the issue but when they are left unsolved, they turn to some serious issues that might cause serious interruptions and damages in the Yahoo mail accounts.

To get an effective solution against the temporary errors of the Yahoo accounts, make sure that the Yahoo account is logged out from all the other devices. Open the account with the supporting web browser after clearing the browser’s cache.

Most of the temporary errors might get fixed after restarting the system and clearing the web browser’s cache. But, there can be some of the temporary errors which require some changes in the Yahoo account settings. If you too are struggling with any of the temporary error that requires changes in the settings of yahoo account, then follow the below-given steps:

  • Login to your Yahoo account
  • Select the gear icon and after that, click on the setting option from the drop-down options
  • Out of the many options which you get from the drop-down and select on the “writing email” option
  • In this, look for the “when sending messages” option” details and after select or deselect them
  • Click on the save button and restart the system to ensure that the errors have been resolved

Unable To Load The Previous Emails:

This issue comes under the temporary error 45 where the user cannot load the previous Yahoo mails in the account. To resolve this error, you will need support from the experts at Yahoo Helpline UK for instant help.

Issues Related To Yahoo Error 1242:

  • You might face issues regarding startup and in switching off your computer
  • It can slow down the performance of your Operating system
  • It can hang your system for a shorter period and lock up any file on your PC
  • Lock up any file on your computer and any application on your computer
  • Problems in installing any application
  • Unsuccessful repairing which might lead you in the computer data loss
  • Significant incoming of error messages

Steps To Resolve Yahoo Error 1241:

There are so many reasons behind the error code and on the other hand, we will focus on the various solutions to this issue.

  • At first, you are needed to start your computer
  • Now, you will need to login on as on administrator
  • Then, click on the Start button
  • When you are done with the previous step and then, choose the programs
  • You are supposed to click on restore your system
  • Look for a new window and select “restore my computer”
  • Now, click on the list and click on a restore point list
  • At last, you will need to click on next to confirm

Then, restart your computer and make sure that you are using a strong and stable internet connection

Follow the steps very carefully to avoid any issue in the future. The teams are available all the time to help you in any manner they can. Call on Yahoo Mail Serviceto get connected with the technical teams for instant help regarding the resolution.

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Short Note On Features Added To The Updated Yahoo Mail

The email has now become an integral part of everyone’s daily life email fulfills all types of communication needs be it personal or professional as the technology is updating and advancing itself day by day, therefore, this technology-based service of email is also becoming more and more advanced rather than just being limited to exchange of emails. The email services now with the help of various applications and other techniques also allow the users the option of live chats, video callings, and a lot more.

There are so many email services running in the market and all of them are busy adding more and more features into their setup in order to provide the users with an improved and better user experience. The experts from yahoo service in UK are here to talk all about the latest features added to yahoo mail.

The Latest Features Added To Yahoo Mail Set Up With A Motive Of Providing The Users With A Better And Improved Experience Are As Follows:

  • Theme Update- The first thing that will strike the user’s mind after upgrading to the newly updated yahoo mail would be the theme update feature using this through the settings menu the user will be able to choose a theme for the inbox that would be either dark, medium or light.
  • Layout- The new layout updating feature allows the user to change and modify the look of the inbox the user is allowed to change the size of the inbox and also spacing between the messages.
  • Calendar – In the new and updated calendar feature of yahoo mail, the user can set a date and time for a meeting in just one click and can further add more details about the meeting by clicking on the “add more details” button. The users are now not only limited to the yahoo mail calendar they can also add external calendars to it if the need arises.
  • Adding other email services- Not just external calendars can be added but also the users can add other email services to the yahoo account if that becomes a need.
  • Pictures and docs- Now with the updated yahoo email the users can all the photos and docs received and sent just through one click and all the photos and docs will be collected and displayed in one place.
  • Grocery stores – In the latest yahoo email service the user can also find yahoo grocery stores associated with yahoo this makes grocery shopping easy for the users. The users can also add details of some other grocery store to this list if they feel like doing so also the user can then choose a store for using the deals and coupons provided by that store.
  • Promotional emails- The latest yahoo mail setup comes with a new feature” deals” this particular feature keeps away the deals and offers that may be important for the users out of the spam so that the user would be able to use those for benefits.
  • Travel Mails – This feature is useful for those yahoo users who travel frequently as this particular feature keeps emails related to their travel well organized so that they do not lose important traveling confirmation codes and also the e-tickets that are sent to them for traveling.
  • Spam- In the setup of the latest yahoo mail the users can simply block those senders from whom they do not wish to receive any type of email the users just have to go into the inbox have to select those senders from there and then from the top have to click the three-dot icon and have to choose the option “block sender.”
  • Customized Replies – The latest yahoo mail setup allows the users to customize those replies that are to be sent when they are not available at the workplace they can set up a message along with a date and time and yahoo will automatically send that mail to the concerned person on the user’s behalf.

Each and every feature added to the latest yahoo mail service has been properly discussed but if in case you are still looking for more information or if you need any sort of assistance regarding your yahoo mail then in that case you should ask the help of the experts at yahoo mail UK.
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Procedure for Yahoo mail account setup on Android

If you are looking for a source so that you can easily exchange emails or you can easily chat and message your people in order to maintain healthy communication then, in that case, you can put an end to that search in the name of yahoo mail. Yahoo is one out of many email services available in the cyber market but still one should prefer yahoo email for the features it provides and also for the advanced and updated setup of the mail account that further makes it more promising as a service in the eyes of the users.

The users may sometimes feel stuck with the latest technological setup or with the use of the features associated with yahoo mail account in such a case, it is advisable that the user goes to the yahoo technicians for help and guidance they can be connected at Yahoo mail care. The experts are available for the users 24*7 and therefore can be connected for help and support as and when needed as per the comfort of the users. The experts are seen happy serving the users at minimal charges.

Procedure for Yahoo mail account setup on Android

For those from non-technical backgrounds, even the basic procedure of setting up the account becomes a problem sometimes as that also has some tricks involved. Here we will focus on the set up of a yahoo mail account on an android device. The android devices as well as the yahoo mail service is undoubtedly very easy to use but setting up a yahoo account has a lot of technicalities involved therefore this is one procedure that most of the times become complicated for the users to be complete without proper guidance and support from someone who is professionally involved in the workings of the techniques and features of yahoo mail account sometimes the problem can also occur due to some technical issue with the android device but even if it is that then that can also be only identified after applying everything given in the guidance for the completion of the setup procedure.

Before setting up the yahoo account on any type of device the user, first of all, will have to put the server settings for the android device in the right place.

The POP settings should be set as given below-

• The POP server should be Input “”
• The security type should be “None”
• The POP server port should be 995.
• The secure port has to be 993.
• The security type should be SSL/TLS.
• The insecure port has to be 110.
• The Security type None.

Once the user gets the POP settings done as given above then the user should move to the SMTP settings.

The SMTP settings should be set as given below-

• The SMTP server has to be set as “”.
• The security type has to be none.
• 465 should be the outgoing SMTP server port.
• The secure port should also be 465.
• The security type should be SSL/TLS.
• The outgoing secure port should be set to 465.
• The secure type should be SSL/TLS.
• The outgoing server should be 587.
• The SSL/TLS should be security type.
• The outgoing SMTP port should be 25.
• The security type should be none.
• The outgoing in the secure port should be 587.
• The security type should be none.

After the POP, as well as SMTP server settings, are done then further the user should conduct the setup of the account on android –

• On the application drawer, the user should click on the mail icon.
• Further, choose the POP server.
• After putting in the POP server settings.
• Also, put the settings for the SMTP server.
• Finally, click the option done.

The above given is the easiest and thus one of the best procedures for the set up of yahoo mail account on an android device. Other than this there is no other way out for getting it done. The content given above is written with all the details of each and every step to be followed for the setup process of the yahoo mail account on the android device.

If needed then the user can easily take help and guidance from the team of experts trained by the leading technical institutes, these technical professionals are working in the field of technologies from quite a long time period, they are so well experienced that there is no such problem associated with the yahoo account that cannot be fixed by them, therefore, even if the issue is something other than the set up then in that case also the users can without any hesitation get connected with them they are available at Yahoo UK toll-free service. Other than that the experts are also available for the help of the users through emails and live chats.

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