What to do if yahoo mail is displaying incorrect name?

 Yahoo mail service is very easy to be used as and when it comes to the smooth exchange of emails among the people, yahoo is just like any other email service that allows the people to send and receive emails among themselves through the internet connection.

But the yahoo mail service is way ahead of the other email services in terms of technologies and the features that it offers to the users, so as it offers so many features and latest technologies to the people to use on their yahoo mail account so that is something that one can count as the reason for the popularity of the mail service among the people.

Sometimes the users are seen struggling with the features and the technologies of the yahoo mail account as they often end up being stuck into some, or the other technical issue. But the issues can be resolved easily under the guidance of trained experts.

Here the experts will guide the users for the resolution of the issue yahoo mail displaying incorrect name. If this is the case then the user should first of all check if the entered user name is correct or is there any typo in the user name.

If everything is in place then that means the user will have to get his yahoo mail username changed for that the user will have to follow a process stepwise.

What to do if yahoo mail is displaying incorrect name?

In order to get the yahoo mail username changed the user will have to follow the steps given below:

• The user should sign in yahoo mail.
• After that, the user should click on the settings menu icon in order to open the menu.
• Further, the user should click on “mailboxes.”
• Then the user should choose the account for which the username edit is needed.
• Then the user should click under the name and should choose the option either delete or edit.
• As the last step of the process, the user should click the option “save.”

After following the given process the user will be able to get the yahoo mail account user name changed, the mails that will be sent through yahoo mail after the completion of this process will be displaying a different username to the receiver of the mail.

But there is still a point that one should keep in mind while changing the username of the yahoo mail ID and that is if in case someone has saved the user’s contact with a particular name then whenever the user will send mail to that person then that person will not be able to see the changed username of the sender as to that person the mail will be sent by the name that he has saved for the sender in the list of contacts.

If any further assistance is required then to get it the user should get in touch with the yahoo mail technicians they are available for the help of the users all the time at Yahoo toll-free number.

Source URL:- https://www.customecaresupportnumber.co.uk/what-to-do-if-yahoo-mail-is-displaying-incorrect-name.php

How to unlock the Yahoo account when it gets locked?

 Yahoo mail sometimes gets locked by the server because of some security issues or because of an inactive account. Also, sometimes because of a hacked account, Yahoo mail gets locked. Well in that case you can unlock your Yahoo locked account by following a few steps given in this guide. Before that, make sure that you have a strong and stable internet connection because a weak signal might get you stuck while unlocking your account.

Yahoo Mail is very strict while keeping its services and products up to its policies. Any malfunction with its products might lead to smack on your service usage. If your Yahoo mail account is temporarily locked (up-to 12 hrs) then, you will need to read this guide carefully to reactivate your account.

The following reasons are potential reasons for blocking:

• Sending mails in large numbers more than a certain limit
• Trying the wrong password attempts multiple times
• Spam mark by recipients on receiving invaluable messages
• Hacking attempts on your Email ID
• Unauthorized access to third-party apps and software
• Suspicious activity on your account
• IMAP and POP settings
• Using your account at different locations at the time

How to unlock the Yahoo account when it gets locked?

Unlock Yahoo Account Immediately:

The lock with being lifted after 12 hours automatically, but you can always re-access to your Yahoo account quickly by using the Sign-in Helper

Method 1 (Official)

• Step 1: First of all, go to the Yahoo Help Forum page
• Step 2: Here click on the “Account Locked” message
• Step 3: Now, click on Sign-in Helper
• Step 4: Enter the Yahoo Mail Address or Phone Number (You can even input recovery email ID or Phone No)
• Step 5: An “Account Key” will be sent to your recovery mail/phone or you might be prompted for the security questions
• Step 6: Follow the steps and you will regain access to your locked Yahoo account quickly

Method 2

When you log in to your account, cookies in the form of packets of data are stored on Yahoo servers. These cookies are the one which helps recognize your Yahoo account for further references. But when someone tries to sign in using the wrong password the cookies are deleted. And when the limit number of attempts is crossed the cookies expire. This stimulates the Yahoo filters to think the account activity as suspicious and therefore locks it temporarily or for so-called 12 or 24 hours.

For unlocking or unblocking your account, you can try to Log in by using another Yahoo server. These result in the formation of fresh and new cookies. The new server doesn’t any acknowledge expired cookies. And you are able to log in and access your Yahoo! Mail account.

Method 3

• Revoke access to all third-party apps and software
• Remove IMAP and POP settings from the email client software
• Use any other browser to log in a re-open your account

It is advisable to follow the above-given methods that help you to unblock your locked Yahoo Mail and if the methods don’t work then, you have no other option than waiting for 12 hours that is a loose set time of account lockdown. Call on Yahoo Helpline Number UK to get connected with the technical teams for instant and reliable support. The teams are available 24×7 to help you and will serve you best.

Even if your account is hacked or something else then, the experts will tell you the security tips and some things which you have to follow to protect your Yahoo account. Don’t wait too much just call on the Yahoo customer care number for instant and reliable help.

Source URL:- https://www.customecaresupportnumber.co.uk/how-to-unlock-the-yahoo-account-when-it-gets-locked.php

Why Yahoo Photo Isn’t Showing And How To Fix It?

If you are using Yahoo then, you might get stuck sometimes when your email will not appear images for a variety of reasons. This blocked images problem might result in several problems, so it is excellent to check your account settings and fix the problems that are blocking images to appear on your Yahoo account. If you are facing any issue that, yahoo mail photos not showing then, read the below-given steps to fix the issue.


In case your images aren’t loading in your Yahoo Mail, then you will need to follow the below-mentioned steps to get back things in a view.

  • First of all, reload the page that you’re visiting after every step
  • Now, try to troubleshoot image loading problems
  • You can also use a private browsing mode to view images
  • Now, load the page you are having an issue within a private browsing session to examine if problem is caused by the stored files of the browser.

After these steps, you can check your Yahoo settings as sometimes accidentally you have changed your Yahoo settings to block the images to display on your mail. In such cases, follow the below given steps to block and unblock your Yahoo images in your Yahoo account.

To unblock Images follow the steps:

  • First of all, go to Yahoo Mail website and tap on the “Mail” tab
  • Now, tap on the “Gear” button and choose for “Settings” on the drop-down menu
  • After that, let email to load the settings
  • Select “Security” to load the security settings screen
  • Now, tap on the “Show Images in Emails” and choose for “Always, except in Spam folder” to unblock images in Yahoo mail. Click on the “Save” option to save your changes

Block Images in Yahoo:

  • First of all, go to your Yahoo Mail, now hover your cursor over the Settings menu icon and select the Settings
  • Now, tap on the Security and after this, the option of “Show images in emails” drop-down menu, select: Never by Default
  • By these settings, you will block all images in your Yahoo account
  • The images will only be appeared in the Spam Folder and finally, tap to Save

Follow the above-given steps to solve this issue and call on Yahoo Support UK to get connected with the technical experts. The teams are available all the time to help you in any manner they can

Source URL:- https://www.yahoo-helpline.com/blog/why-yahoo-photo-isnt-showing-and-how-to-fix-it/

How To Resolve Issues Of Yahoo Supported Browser?

 Most of the common problems like as slow browsing, freezing, missing menu, and temporary errors, etc. In the Yahoo Mail commonly occurs due to using an incompatible or unsupported web browser. Hence, it is always suggested that you should use a supported web browser for any Yahoo products you use online. Certain Yahoo features might not work appropriately while you are using an outdated, unsupported browser, or older Operating System.

How to resolve issues of Yahoo supported browser?

Here is the Yahoo Supported Browser List, and then we will move ahead with the troubleshooting steps for browser’s issue.

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Apple Safari

Resolution for the Supported Browser Issue for Yahoo Mail

To resolve the supported web browser issue for the Yahoo Mail account, you will need to clear the cache of your browser. Let’s move ahead with the instructions given below to clear the cache from a common Yahoo-Supported web browser.

Clearing Cache of Web Browser

  1. Google Chrome
  • On your PC, start Chrome and click on the three vertical dots More option appeared on the top-right corner
  • From the drop-down menu appears, click on the More tools options and choose Clear browsing data option
  • You can choose the time range to clear the cache for a particular period or you can choose “All time” option to remove everything
  • Next, choose the checkbox appears next to options “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files”
  • Click on the “Clear data” option and the problem should now get fixed

2. Mozilla 

  • First of all, click on the “Menu” option three horizontal lines and choose “Options”
  • Go to “privacy and security” panel and click on “Clear Now” in the “Cached Web Content” section
  • After that, close the about: preference all the changes which you would have made will be saved automatically

3. Apple Safari 

  • First of all, choose the Reset Safari option from the Safari pull-down
  • Now, click on the Clear history option and then, on the Reset

4. Microsoft Edge

  • First of all, launch Edge browser and click on the Menu button appeared in the upper-right corner
Edge browser
  • Now, choose the clock-shaped History
  • After that, click on the Clear History option and now, on the Show more option to clear your browser’s cache

Follow the above-given steps carefully to troubleshoot browser’s related issue. Call on UK Yahoo  support number to get connected with the technical experts for instant and reliable support. The teams are available all the time to help you in any manner they can.

Source URL:- https://www.yahoo-helpline.com/blog/how-to-resolve-issues-of-yahoo-supported-browser/

How To Enable POP In Yahoo Mail Account 2020?

 Yahoo mail is a trusted name in the world of emails; also it is very much popular among the people using email services because as compared to its competitors, yahoo mail is known for providing the best services to its users in the name of yahoo mail features. Also, the yahoo mail is very easy to use as per the user interface.  The interface of the service is undoubtedly very much advanced and has many features as compared to the interface of other services but the design of the interface is such that everything is easy for the user to understand.

How to enable POP in yahoo mail account 2020?

But just like any other technical service and just like the various technical software that are used by the people have their own technical glitches that the users need to deal with similar is the case with the yahoo mail account, the advanced technicalities and the latest features often get the users stuck into problems, such as they are seen in trouble with the process of login also with the process of signing up for the account, etc.

Other than these problems with the basic procedures the users are also seen in trouble with some typical error codes and other sorts of issues in association with yahoo mail. So, keeping that in mind the experts are here to guide the people to enable POP in yahoo mail 2020.

For enabling POP in yahoo mail 2020 the user should follow the below-given procedure:

  • The user should log in to yahoo mail account and should look for the name in the top left corner of the screen.
  • After that, the user should click on the name that would get a drop-down menu opened.
  • There in the drop-down menu, the user should click the option “account info.”
  • The user will then be asked to enter the password so that the account information page opens.
  • The user should then scroll downwards on the information page.
  • Then from the account settings section, the user should scroll on the page and should click the option “set language, site, and time zone.
  • Then on the next page that appears the user should change” Regional site and languages.”  
  • The browser should be refreshed and under the options menu the user should click “mail options.”  
  • Then on the left, the user should click the option “POP and forwarding.”  

If other than this the user needs any more information related to the workings of the yahoo mail account then, in that case, the user should take the help of the experts they are available at yahoo helpline number.

Source URL:- https://www.yahoo-helpline.com/blog/how-to-enable-pop-in-yahoo-mail-account-2020/

How To Find A Missing Yahoo Mail Note Folder?

     If you are missing notes, they might have been mistakenly deleted, or you might need to change your settings and in this guide, you will learn a few methods to find the Yahoo mail notes folder missing. Follow the steps very carefully and get your Yahoo mail note folder back

How to find a missing Yahoo Mail note folder?

1. Check your account settings

If you are using a third-party account or email services such as Yahoo or Gmail, to store your notes then, check your settings and for that:

  • Go to Settings > Password and Accounts
  • Now, tap on the email account which you want to check
  • Make sure that Notes is on

If you are using Notes with more than one email account then, repeat steps 2 and 3 for each account.

2. Check your Recently Deleted Folder

If you store your notes on iCloud then, check your Recently Deleted folder,

  • Firstly, open the Notes app and tap < unless you see your Folder list
  • Tap Recently Deleted and search for your note
  • If you find your note in Recently Deleted or in another folder, you can move it:
  • In the Notes list, tap on Edit
  • Now, tap on the note which you want to move
  • Tap Move to and then, choose the folder which you want to move it to

If you use notes with any other service such as Yahoo or Gmail then, check the Trash folder of that account in the Mail app. If you delete a note from the Notes app then, your third-party account will commonly keep it in the Trash folder. You need to copy and paste the note to get a new note on the Notes app.

3. Use Search to find your notes

  • Firstly, open the Notes app and then, tap < unless you see your list of notes
  • Tap on the Search bar and enter a word, phrase, or the little from the note which you are looking for
  • Make sure that All Accounts is chosen and the search will check all of your notes in every folder around your accounts, such as an email account

If you don’t see the Search bar, you may need to scroll to find it and if you still cannot find a note, you may have the note locked. Search will only see the title of a locked note, therefore you might need to check all of your locked notes to get that particular note.

4. Manually search for your notes

If the search doesn’t show results, you will have to check various folders and scroll down the list

Open the Notes app and tap < unless you see your Folders list

If you have more than one folder, tap on the different folders to see if your note is in there and if you still cannot find your note, it is possible that you aren’t using the appropriate word, title, or phrase from the note. Call on Yahoo helpline number to get connected with the technical experts for instant and reliable support. The teams are available all the time to help you in any manner they can.

Source URL:- https://www.yahoo-helpline.com/blog/how-to-find-a-missing-yahoo-mail-note-folder/

How Can You Retrieve Deleted Emails In Yahoo Mail?

 If you have deleted any important email in Yahoo Mail then, in that case, you easily can retrieve deleted emails in Yahoo mail. if you act immediately then, there is a chance that Yahoo can restore your mailbox to a previous state from a backup copy and then, you can retrieve emails in Yahoo Mail whether you emptied the Trash folder accidentally which has an important email or a Yahoo mail error made the mail disappear.

How can you retrieve deleted emails in Yahoo Mail?

Undelete Mail

You will have the most success un-deleting mail if you realize then, you deleted an essential email right away. When you delete an email then, it moves to the Trash folder where it sits unless you empty that folder and you can un-delete an email immediately as long as it is still in your trash folder of Yahoo account.

To undelete a message in Yahoo Mail

  • Choose the Trash folder in Yahoo Mail and you will see it in the navigation pane appears at the left of the Yahoo email screen
  • Choose the emails you wish to move to undelete
  • Click on the Move to undelete
  • Click on the Move icon that appears above the mail list and then, choose Inbox. You also can press D+0

Retrieve lost or deleted emails

To recover messages that are disappeared from your Yahoo Mail account during the past 24 hours or to undelete emails after you cleared the Trash folder”

Download all the emails received a day before and a current-day at your Yahoo Mail account or forward the emails to a several email addresses manually or automatically. The emails will otherwise be lost forever

  • Go to the Yahoo Mail Restore Help Form and then, click on Send a Restore Request
  • Use the drop-down menu to elaborate the issue and in this case, choose Mail: accidentally deleted messages on WebMail. There is also a bunch if you use a mobile device
  • Choose the drop-down menu that says “When did you see the missing messages” and choose a time range. The maximum amount should be 16 hours
  • Now, enter your Yahoo ID or email address in the provided field
  • Complete the Captcha field and then, click on Create Request

While waiting for Yahoo to return your Yahoo Mail account to the condition in at the specified time from a backup copy, you can continue to forward or download any recently arriving emails. The backup automatically replaces your existing email folders and boxes. Call on Yahoo Helpline Number UK

 in case if you are facing any issue. The experts are highly experienced and serve you best in providing the exact resolution.

Source URL:- https://www.yahoo-helpline.com/blog/how-can-you-retrieve-deleted-emails-in-yahoo-mail/

How To Change Yahoo Interface Color?

 The users who have been linked with Yahoo for a long while started feeling that the Yahoo user interface is boring and doesn’t have an excellent feature compare to other email service providers. It makes Yahoo uses a switch to some other email service provider and it is quite tough for Yahoo to keep their reliable users. Yahoo experts’ team also worked to find the problem and its solution, now you can change and customize the color theme and background of your Yahoo mail account.

How to change Yahoo Interface color?

Yahoo users who are new to this customized feature or who want to learn the exact way to change Yahoo Mail color theme and background can take help from this immediate guide. You just need to sign in to your Yahoo Mail account and follow the steps carefully. This guide helps you to get color and background changed simply.

Here, you need to make sure that you are using the laptop or desktop PC to do this customization as it needs the entire web browser. When you are done with it, the color of the modules and apps might change to enhance readability.

Change the Yahoo Mail Interface Color

Changing the color of the left navigation bar and other interface elements is a easy and simple process.

  • Choose the gear appears in the upper-right corner of the Yahoo Mail
  • Select a Theme from the drop-down menu to change the interface automatically appearance
  • Choose, Light, Medium or Dark
  • Now, scroll down the drop-down menu to adjust the Message Layout and Inbox Spacing
  • Now, click on the outside of the drop-down menu to resume using Yahoo Mail

Change the Yahoo Mail App Interface color:

  • The Yahoo Mail app provides fewer options, but it is still possible to change the interface colors
  • First of all, tap on the Menu icon appears in the upper-left corner of the Yahoo Mail app
  • Tap on Settings and scroll down and tap Themes
  • Then, tap the squares appears at the bottom of the screen to change the interface colors
  • Now, tap Set theme appears in the upper-left corner to confirm the changes

Follow the above-given steps to change the interface color. Call on Yahoo UK to get in touch with the technical teams for instant and reliable support regarding the resolution. The teams are available all the time to help you in any manner they can. The teams are highly experienced and will serve you best while providing you support.

Source URL:- https://www.yahoo-helpline.com/blog/how-to-change-yahoo-interface-color/

How To See Yahoo Messenger Chat History Archive?

 The feature of saving and uninterrupted viewing of all the messages that have been sent and received through an email service is a very basic of a feature and is generally provided by various mail services, yahoo is however much more advanced as compared to other maul services then that advancement further makes this feature more obvious for being available to the user.

How to see yahoo messenger chat history archive?

If we get into the security purposes of the yahoo users then we can say that the yahoo chat history is only accessible to the owner if that particular yahoo account owner. As the chat history is something that cannot be accessed without logging in yahoo account and the yahoo account can only be accessed through the yahoo ID and password and that is something that the yahoo users are generally advised to keep protected and confidential.

So, as per the information given above, there is no way out to get into the yahoo messenger chat history of anyone or even of your own without following the process of yahoo login. However, if it is about the checking or viewing of the yahoo messenger archived chat history then for that the user will have to get the tool downloaded, and then the user will be able to check the chat history on any computer from any corner of the world.

But for that also the user will, first of all, have to login yahoo mail ID and password on the official yahoo login page then from the browser the user will have to get the yahoo archive manipulator tool downloaded. With the help of the downloaded tool, the user can easily get access to the chat history by clicking on the particular contact in the left pane that is to be checked.

Other than this there is also another more simple way for checking the yahoo chat history and that is log in to the yahoo mail account through the web after that the user needs to click in the conversation section that is given in the left pane. If any more help is needed regarding the workings of the yahoo mail then for that the user should get in touch with the certified yahoo mail technicians they are available at the service of the users 24*7 the best way to get in contact with them is through yahoo mail care. Other than that the experts are also available for help at online chats and emails.

Source URL:- https://www.yahoo-helpline.com/blog/how-to-see-yahoo-messenger-chat-history-archive/

How to add Yahoo mail to Google chrome?

 Yahoo is the most used email service provider which allows its users to send and receive emails in very less time and also the users can send documents, live chat with the distant persons, and make video calls. All these services are offered by Yahoo at free of cost and this email service can be easily accessed on any web browser or device. Right from android to iPhone and it can be easily operated on any device with just a few clicks. But some users find it tough in accessing on Google Chrome and follow the steps to add yahoo mail to Google chrome within a few minutes.

Here are a few simple steps that will help the users to access their Yahoo account on Google Chrome

• First of all, you will need to open the Google Chrome to clear its cache
• Now, open the chrome web browser and after this, go to start menu and now, open chrome applications
• From the toolbar, you will need to click on the “more” option and after this, go to the “clear browsing option”
• Now, check on the boxes for clearing the cookies, cached images, and site data
• It depends on your from which date or day you wish to clear the cache
• Now, click on the clear browsing data

 How to add Yahoo mail to Google chrome?

This was all about clearing the browsing data and enabling JavaScript is another way of solving the error of Yahoo Mail not working on Chrome. To enable JavaScript, you are required to follow the below-mentioned steps.

• First of all, you will need to open your Google Chrome web browser
• See at the top-right corner of the web browser and there you will find an option of “More”. Click on it and then, go to the Settings option
• At the bottom of the same page, click on the “Show advanced settings option”
• You will here, find the Content settings under the privacy setting option
• In this setting, you are required to choose “Allow all sites to run JavaScript” and it will be available under the JavaScript section
• Now, click on “Done” to save changes

By following these simple steps, you easily can resolve this account accessing issue and can easily add your Yahoo account to Google chrome. If you are facing any issue then, call on Yahoo Service Number UK to get connected with the experts for assistance regarding this issue. On dialing this number, you will get in touch with the active and well experienced technical specialists who have a vast knowledge of Yahoo Mail so they will definitely help you immediately.

Source URL- http://www.customecaresupportnumber.co.uk/how-to-add-yahoo-mail-to-google-chrome.php

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